Pinterest has overwhelmed me with ideas. Projects I want to try and recipes that sound good. Every day I peruse the images and it sparks even more ideas. Yet, funny thing is, who has the time? I usually don’t! Between work, house busy work and chasing after my ten month old (and husband), I’m sure you can imagine what kind of excuses and justifications I’ve made for myself. But not today. Today I picked a few new recipes and pulled out my sewing machine. The best part of today were these bad boys:


Here’s where I got the recipe: Yummy Homemade Pretzels

Sooooo incredibly yummy and easy! I WILL be making these again!! I never did get the chance to actually sew, but I got a ton of cutting, measuring and sewing prep done. Next free time I have, I might actually finish a project…how about that?! And guess what? It was still a productive family day!!